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Laminating Services


Our laminating films protect valuable products from chemicals and harmful artificial substances while providing superior adhesion to fully printed surfaces. The life of your materials is extended, enabling you to make long-lasting and favorable impressions.

All of our laminating films offer excellent clarity, outstanding strength, stress & crack resistance, enormous flexibility and chemical resistance.

Helpful Hints
As your single source, full-service printer/laminator/fabricator, we will have your next project working for you four to five days faster than having it printed elsewhere.

Laminated Wood Plaques
Each laminated wood plaque transforms the material it protects into an aesthetically appealing showpiece. Advertising reprints, magazine covers, awards, diplomas, certificates and photographs are beautifully enhanced and preserved.

Custom Printed Plastics

Plastic Materials

CLC specializes in the printing and finishing of numerous plastic materials.

Custom Products
Custom printed plastics will captivate your audience and maintain the highest visibility for your products, services and corporate images.

Custom Printed Plastics Preview
We believe that first impressions are lasting impressions and that’s why we’re committed to offering you the finest in custom plastic printing.

Custom Printed Plastic Cards
Plastic cards are used in many applications. Whether it’s cost effective promotional plastic cards, four color process plastic phone cards, business boosting plastic cards for membership or revenue generating plastic gift cards, no one is better equipped to meet all of your plastic cards requirements.

Plastic Gift Cards
Revenue generating plastic gift cards drive sales higher and increase average ticket purchases. Merchants and retailers benefit from customer loyalty and increased brand awareness.

Plastic Loyalty Cards
A plastic loyalty card program is a powerful way to create a compelling reason for your customers to prefer your business over another.

Plastic Key Tag Cards
Plastic key tags provide a convenient way to carry your gift, loyalty or membership card. Attqaches to all standard key tag chains.

Plastic Phone Cards
Prepaid plastic cards are an indispensable part of an phony brand-building program.

Plastic Roll-A-View Cards
roll-A-dex cards are a great enhancement to any direct mail package or promotion.

Plastic & Vinyl Holders
Heavy-duty electronically heat-sealed plastic vinyl holders are manufactured with reinforced edges to prevent tearing and offer superior durability for all types of documents.

Sizes of Plastic & Vinyl Holders
See a listing of some of our more popular sizes of plastic holders. Don't worry if you don't see the size you want because we have an inventory of over 4,000 die sets.

Plastic Shelf Danglers
Our plastic shelf danglers and plastic shelf strips snap easily into price rails or can be affixed to a wall, shelf or pole with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Plastic Shelf Rail Strips
Plastic shelf strips snap easily into the price rail of grocery, retail and specialty stores. All of our rail strips draw immediate attention to your products.

Counter Mats
Counter mats are cost-efficient promotional tools which generate impulse purchases at the cash register and aid in swaying consumer's choices about brand decisions.

Mouse Pads
Custom printed plastic promotional mouse pads last for years and will serve as a daily reminder to use your products or services.

Open Closed Slide Signs
Our open-close store signs put your brand identification at the door, working for you all of the time.

Magnetic Promotions
All of our custom printed magnets are made from white vinyl faced magnets ranging in thickness from .020 - .050.

Static Cling Decals
Static cling decals are an ideal medium for all sorts of graphic applications. Static cling decals have an adhesive-free cling surface that can be used on smooth glass, plastic or metal surfaces, wherever removability is a primary concern.

Plastic Luggage Tags
Plastic luggage tags are traveling billboards, advertising your business or product around the world.

Plastic Parking Tags
Plastic hangers come in many styles: door hangers, rear-view-mirror hangers and window hangers.

Plastic Tags
Our custom designed multicolor plastic tags are produced via silk-screen, offset and flexographic printing.

Plastic Bookmarks
Printed in simple color to 4-color process, custom plastic bookmarks can enhance any direct mail or marketing package.

Plastic Rulers
Custom printed plastic rulers are printed on clear or colored plastic and are available in any size, width or die-cut shape.

Plastic Templates & Gauges
Increase productivity and eliminate errors by utilizing custom designed plastic templates and plastic gauges.

Plastic Circular Calculators
Plastic circular calculators are functional and long lasting promotions. As proportion wheels they're ideal for calculating prices, sizes and product selection.

Plastic Slide Rules
Plastic slide rules or plastic slide chart are ideal for sales calls, trade shows, direct mail and point-of-purchase displays. They’re easy to use, concise and always give the right answer.

Plastic Reference Cards & Charts
f you need a durable plastic reference card or plastic chart that will withstand repeated use and handling, a custom printed chart, card or sign from CLC is the perfect solution.

Plastic Table Tents
Use table tent signs to attract attention to your products and services. Identify new products, special promotions, work stations, the proper line to stand in and to designate specific areas.

Length Frequency Strips
Length frequency strips are fish measuring rulers for all field researchers, analysts and observers at both national marine fisheries and Sea Grant programs.

ID Products


Laminating Pouches
We manufacture all of our laminating pouches and laminating sleeves with a superior polyester to adhesive composition, resulting in an optically clear laminating pouch.


Clear Vinyl Badge Holders
Clear vinyl badge holders can be top or side loaded in both vertical or horizontal badge styles and can be used with a variety of attachments.

Colored Vinyl Badge Holders
Color coded badge holders in your choice of nine shades of durable, protective vinyl.

Casino Badge Holders
Casino Badge Holders are designed specifically for employees of casinos who need to display more than one form of identification.

Rigid Plastic Badge Holders
Rigid plastic badge holders utilize a thumb notch cutout allowing for easy removal when IDs are frequently needed for use with access control or machine-readable systems.

Rigid Card Holders
Rigid Card Holders provide great protection for smart cards and magnetic stripe identification cards.

Specialty Badge Holders
Specialty badge holders have been manufactured because of the growing need for new and different ID card display.

Magnetic Badge Holders
Magnetic badge holders feature two magnets - one sealed into the front portion of the holder and one in the back so as to avoid damage to clothing.k.

Armband Badge Holders
Arm band badge holders are ideally suited to prominently display ID badges while maintaining a safe working environment.

Proximity Badge Holders
Because of the high-tech nature of their design and their high cost-per-card, proximity badge holders are the best means of carrying cards while protecting this valuble asset.


Clear Vinyl Strap Clips
Clear vinyl strap clips are lightweight, flexible, inconspicuous and economical.

Color Vinyl Strap Clips
Colored vinyl strap clips can be a simple way to differentiate divisions, departments, titles, duties, access categories, etc.

Mylar Strap Clips
Mylar strap clips are a proven, versatile material, that are both flexible and strong... ensuring long lasting use.

Nylon Strap Clips
Nylon Strap Clips are lightweight but durable enough for long lasting wear.

Plastic Strap Clips
Plastic strap clips are good for outdoor applications or high moisture environments.

Pressure Sensitive Clips
Pressure Sensitive Clips and Pins attach to metal or plastic ID cards, badges and other promotional products.

Glue-On Clips
Glue-On Clips and Glue-On Pins attach to metal or plastic ID cards, badges and other promotional products.

Reinforced Vinyl Clips
Reinforced vinyl strap clips are recommended for cards/uses where extra wear and tear on the strap is expected or normal.

Badge Clips - Attachable
Badge Clips - badge pins are used in a wide variety of applications and can be attached by rivets or eyelets to any type of badge or badge holder.

Bar Pins
Bar Pins can be glued-on, soldered/riveted on, or applied with a pre-affixed pressure-sensitive adhesive pad.

Component Attachments


Neck lanyards are a very popular accessory for wearing and displaying ID cards.

Breakaway Lanyards
Break away lanyards offer the strength of woven nylon and the safety of a unique breakaway plastic clasp that releases with a tug, reattaches with a snap.

Specialty Lanyards
Specialty neck lanyards are finding new uses all the time. Lanyards add a colorful touch while not interfering with the wearer's ability to use his or her hands.


Leather Straps
Leather Luggage Straps have an "Executive" look while still providing a durable and secure way to attach tags to luggage, briefcases and bags of all types.

Plastic Lock Straps
Plastic lock straps are available in three styles: Vinyl "T" Lock Strap, Dual-Post and Post & Notch Lock Strap.

Worm Loops
Our 6" and 9" flexible plastic luggage worm loops come in a variety of colors.

Luggage Tag Holders
Luggage tag holders are the perfect item to attach to suitcases, brief cases, sport bags and more.


Retractable Badge Reels
Our retractable badge reels can be attached with either a bulldog clip, slide-type belt clip or locking bar pin.

Heavy Duty Badge Reels
Our heavy-duty badge reels are manufactured from heavier materials for industrial applications.

All Plastic Sports Badge Reels
Our all plastic sports badge reels have a flexible zipper-lock hook and comes in six great colors.

Custom Printed Badge Reels
Custom printed badge reels are used in environments where our clients want to extend their company image or brand identity.

Our Wristwear (plastic wrist coils and plastic wrist lanyards) can be used in many applications: to hold locker keys, car keys, cards with magnetic stripes and photo IDs.

Bead Chains
Practical and attractive, our beaded neck chains are available in both metal and plastic... and are used for a wide variety of purposes.


Laminating machines are designed to preserve and protect your documents by sealing them in either pre-cut laminating pouches or plastic roll laminate.

Corner Rounders
Corner rounders give all plastic and laminated documents the professional finishing touch.

Slot Punches
Slot Punches cut clean slot holes and make your laminated and plastic items compatible with a wide variety of Badge Attachments.

Magnetic Stripe Encoder
Magnetic Stripe encoders for encoding your own magnetic stripe plastic cards.

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