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Length Frequency Strips

Length Frequency Strips

Length frequency strips are fish measuring rulers for all field researchers, analysts and observers at both national marine fisheries and Sea Grant programs.
LFS, Length Frequency Strips
With our length frequency strips, write down specimen measurements out at sea, on the lake, on the bay or on the river. Then take the length frequency strip back to your off office to transcribe your results.

KEY FEATURES of length frequency strips:

  • Overall size: 4-1/16" x 29-3/8"
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • Non-reflective, non-glare plastic
  • Will accept pen, pencil & grease markers
  • Can be wiped clean for reuse
  • Accurate centimeter measurements
  • Can be custom made to your measurement standards
  • Printed on both sides to accommodate large haul catches
  • Printing is beneath a layer of protective plastic for extended use

Not available from any industry catalog.

For pricing on our standard Length Frequency Strips or for pricing on a custom Length Frequency Strip with your organization's name and logo,
e-mail your quantity requirement to
call TOLL-FREE (800) 753-9119 x312

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162 James Street, New Haven CT 06513
TEL: (800) 753-9119
TEL: (203) 787-2184
FAX: (203) 787-4073