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As your single source, full-service printer/laminator/fabricator, we will have your next project working for you four to five days faster than having it printed elsewhere. And we can ship the finished pieces to their final destination to save you additional time and money.

Whether you submit your printed sheets to us or have us print and laminate your advertising media, here are some helpful hints to ensure a successful laminating project:

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  • Use medium to heavy weight paper stocks. Text weight papers may warp and buckle under heat and pressure.
  • Offset powder should be kept to a minimum as it may appear under the laminate (an aqueous coating to prevent offset is a better alternative).
  • Use wax-free inks if possible.
  • Color copies should be imaged onto a minimum of 7pt stock for best results.
  • Press sheets should be shipped to us only when inks are completely dry.
  • If an encapsulated edge seal is required (where the plastic extends beyond the edge of the sheet for a positive seal), your sheets must arrive trimmed to size.
  • If a flush edge is required (where the plastic stops at the edge of the sheet), your sheets must arrive oversized by at least 1/2" on all four sides so that we can trim the sheets after lamination.
  • Do not use a fiberous paper stock when a flush cut is desired.

Our customer service representatives average 21 years of experience in the industry. They’ll take the time to help you select the correct material and finish for your project and will advise you of the best way to approach your project to meet whatever budget or time frame you need to work within.

Our specialty...Producing your job for you yesterday !!

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