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Available thicknesses in Gloss,
Satin &

  • 0.5 mil
  • 1.0 mil
  • 1.7 mil
  • 1.8 mil
  • 2.0 mil
  • 3.0 mil
  • 5.0 mil
  • 7.0 mil
  • 10 mil

Satin matte – Satin has more clarity than the matte finish which makes it ideal in situations where glare and reflection must be kept at a minimum. Use for eye-catching graphics where color vibrancy must be maintained.

Matte – Good reduced gloss appearance. Perfect for graphics that require the lowest light reflection possible. Ideal where graphic colors are muted.


Innovation at CLC has always been an ongoing process. Constantly searching for ways to better serve customer’s needs, our development department studies materials and processes to design better products and more efficient methods of production

We run 9 laminating systems on 2 shifts!

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We use an entire range of film products suitable for laminating Teslin, Tyvek, Kimdura, Polyart, Polylith, Yupo and a whole host of other synthetic plastic substrates as well as most paper materials. We also utilize high-tinsel strength films that adhere to vinyl, styrene, mylar and acetates.

All of our laminating films offer excellent clarity, outstanding strength, stress & crack resistance, enormous flexibility and chemical resistance. Our heat-activated films consist of a layer of plastic laminate and a copolymer adhesive known as polyethelyne. When heated, the adhesive melts to a semi-fluid state and is applied to the printed substrate under extreme pressure. As the adhesive cools it creates a strong solid bond between substrate and plastic laminate.

We stock a full inventory of various roll sizes, gauges and finishes to ensure that your job can be produced on time, every time.

  • Maximum sheet width to 60"
  • 1 & 2 sided laminating
  • Specialty films for product packaging
  • Pressure sensitive laminating films
  • Polycarbonate

Gloss, matte and satin matte laminating films can dramatically change the visual appearance of your printed materials.

Visit our laminating pouches page for a wide range of sizes, configurations and thicknesses.

Our specialty...Producing your job for you yesterday !!

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